I’m Starbucker

The left pic is the T-shirt I bought yesterday and the next is the Hazelnut Latte I was drinking today.



Today is Monday, Monday with happy not with Blues, because class is start on afternoon instead of morning 😀

But it is DAMN hot today, like I’m walking in an oven, Oh sunshine, you made me darken!

I start to miss the days with rain but I hate to go out during raining. So, just raining when I am sleeping, okay?


I went to Starbucks with P & S today,bought a Hazelnut Latte and get a cups of  beverage for free for my next visit, I am super lucky right? It’s just my second time drink Starbucks. Due to the gift Starbucks gave, I will have the third cup of my life, but I still no idea what beverage should I redeem.

Tests are coming, hope my lucky will work on it!


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