Movie is a part of my life, I love watching movie, sometimes with friends sometimes I will go alone.

The last movie i were watching is IN TIME.

Frankly, Justin Timberlake is better than Justin Bxxxx.

Some more the Amanda Seyfried is with her short hair in this movie,

I think she looks nice with short hair compare with long long hair.

I wish that I could spend my time instead of money but it is impossible but we can make it in movie,

it is cool rite?

but for the people who is poor, it’s a bad thing, they have to work harder to maintain their life.

If not, they will die when they are young.

And I think the movie isn’t showing at Malaysia already, and change to TWILIGHT.

it is a novel-base movie.

I din really read the novel but I read all novels of Harry Potter since I am 13 so I think I prefer HP than Twilight,and it is really a love story of  Bella and Edward. Haven watch it yet but SOoooooon.


They are married 🙂









When you meet your true love, the time will stop for a while.


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