5 tips to making studying interesting(copy from Quickieconomics)

Was there ever a point in time when you dread studying so much? Or do your kids come up to you complaining how boring studying is and they see no purpose in it? Now, I guess that’s one of the biggest headaches any parent can get. So, how can we tackle this situation effectively, how can we prove and convince the younger generation or even your mates that studying can actually be fun? Here’s another 5 tips, to making studying fun and easy!
And no, I’m not a nerd.

Tip 1 – Be motivated. It’s all in your head, our mindset must always be positive when we want to achieve something. How many of you are actually aware that you are studying for a purpose? Too often, when we are made to do something, we lose sight of the end state and the things we want to achieve in life. How many of you dream about driving a sports car, with a Victoria’s Secret model in it, living in a mansion on a cliff like Tony Stark? (Sorry I don’t really know what the ladies want.) Now, how many of you actually believe that you can one day achieve your dream? For those of you that think you can and will achieve it one day, you can stop reading here. Now, for those of you who think otherwise, it means you’re not motivated yet. Yes! Studying is a waste of time and I totally agree with you, but only when you don’t know what you’re studying for.

Tip 2 – Set goals. Setting goals is debatable to be tip 1, but the reason I place it second is because when you yourself are not even motivated to do anything, what are goals? Some of you might have heard of the SMART or SMARTER goal, use that. If you are unfamiliar with it, here’s something simplified and I like to do it in 3 phases namely short-term, mid-term and long-term. Now pay attention to this, list down all the subjects that you’ll be taking for the final paper in a column. Next, write down the results you desire to get on a column next to the individual subjects, make it realistic and if you’ve failed in the subject, write at least 44 for your desired score. Add 10 to all your scores and this will be your final column. I will give more emphasis on my subsequent article to successful goal setting.

Tip 3 – Form a study group. This is one of the most important ways to make studying interesting. Do you agree that working alone can be a real bore at times and you don’t know who to look for when you have questions you need answers to right away? Be proactive and form a studying group! The key is in identifying people with the common interest and not free loaders who just want to leech you off your hard work. When you group is studying something together even though it might be a subject that you dread, make sure they can be there to support and motivate you. Now when everyone is in it together, the chances of you giving up will definitely be lesser. Remember, the purpose of forming this study group is to aid in your understanding of the subjects which will help to achieve your study goals!

Tip 4 – Create a conducive environment. Ever wondered why kindergartens and preschools are so colourful and attractive with pictures of cute, lively animals while your studying area has nothing more than a pile of books you hate and a boring hard desk? Well, I’m not asking you to redecorate your study area but here are some pointers you can take note of. Firstly, have proper lighting as we really need to see those tiny words well. Next, make sure there’s proper ventilation, with a constant flow of clean and fresh air, there’s no need to step outside for “fresh air breaks”. Remove all form of distractions like toys for children and any electronic gadgets for an adult, unless it aids in the subject. If none of the above mentioned are possible, head to the library.

Tip 5 – Reward. Finally, after all the hard work you’ve put in to achieve your goals, it’s time to reward yourself and by all means go out and have fun. For your kids, reward them by extending their playing hours, rewards will motivate them to strive for more. However, never be complacent and forget about your study schedule and allow your kids to know that they deserve it because they do well and they are not getting anymore rewards if they get complacent. Always have the drive and urge to want to do well and never be satisfied until you have reached your ultimate goal.

With these 5 simple tips, you are now on your way to make studying a more enjoyable experience, think about how many likeminded friends you’ll be able to make and how much the group can benefit from one another. Think about how you can make changes to your studying location to make it more conducive for yourself or your kids. Think about how much you can achieve in life with a solid education and how much you’ll lose out if you don’t have one. Most importantly, know the purpose of doing it; you are studying for your own future and not for anyone else. With that, I wish you all the best and have fun in studying!


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