tired weekend

Yesterday was indeed a busy day,had my breakfast on 8 something and help puppy take a shower with sister, it is really active than you could imagine, I think is a lil bit hyperactive already -.- But at least it is cute and healthy lah :DD

Seems like every puppy love to bite things because theirs tooth still in growing stage,it loves to bite our shoes too!

Due to that, it will be frightened by my mum and sis as they try to hit it by shoes of course it is just threaten it!


After that, we went to clean up our new house, sweeping the floor is our job.  Cement and dust at everywhere could you imagine? It is still in renovation, no matter how clean it is after cleaning, it will still be dirty on next week. 😦 When we arrived at home, it is almost 11. Rest for few hours and go buying dresses,seriously I don’t like dress!!!


When the night had fallen down, we went to Persada CC looking for an oven in Mega Home Fair. We  spent three hours at there, walking here walking there…… My leg was aching.


So, the ending is I AM SLEEPY today, seriously more sleepy than usual. Time to bed, nitez.



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