[Before: RM7.99]—————————->[After:RM7.99]   =same=

Actually should be gone out at 10am while the T is started to operate,

but my half asleep sister insisted to go out with us so we waited her for 20 minutes for her preparations.

When we arrived, there is crowded with people already and almost all  stalls and shops are opened.

We didn’t went to others shop and straightly went to the supermarket.




Mum gonna buy lot of groceries ,

vegetables,fruits,breads,ICE CREAM,milk, yogurts drink and etc.

(Wall’s ice cream had 15% discount!) :))



While my mum is paying bills,

my bros and me is packing the stuffs into the plastic bags,

due to there’s lot of things we used many plastic bags to pack.

The cashier asked my mum,”Why need so many plastic bags?”

“We buy lot of things sure need many plastic bags,”My mum replied.

“You guys eat plastic bags?”






My mum told us when we reach home,

if we knew it at there, we sure will complain to the counter.

What kind of attitude is it?





My lovely Sunday was  spoiled because of  this!


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